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Kim TaurielloA blog about life, LOVE and travel…hopes, dreams, fears, lessons, inspirations, challenges, stories, tales of adventure, personal revelations and the absolute madness that flows from my vivid imagination and my wandering wind. The linguistic beating of my heart.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

~John Lennon

No good story or happy ending is devoid of an evil villain, a dangerous feat or a sad suspense. Without evil, how could we know good? Without defeat, how could we know triumph? Without war, how could we know peace? Without hate, how could we know love? It’s the yin…and it’s the yang…and it’s a necessary dichotomy for balance.

In a material and unforgiving world that often feels abundant with evil, it’s easy to overlook the beauty in even the simplest of things. We fall out of balance and the feelings of despair overwhelm us. They diminish our sparkle, and they dull our shine. They paralyze us into a complacency that keeps us from discovering our true purpose, our happiness, our center of gravity. I am convinced that if we look close enough and wait patiently, there is ALWAYS a beautiful blessing or a valuable lesson hiding beneath each day. They’re called silver-linings and they’re intended to guide us on our way.

My hope is that This Lovely Little World will inspire you to discover those blessings, to embrace those lessons and to use them as a roadmap to that place of balance, peace and LOVE.

After all, isn’t the purpose of life to give LOVE and to be LOVED? As individuals, we can heal the soul of the Earth by living from LOVE–from our gravitational center–from that indescribable depth inside of us…that absolute zero. And if we all began to live from that place of LOVE, what a Lovely Little World it could be!

Follow along and watch! I’ll show you just how lovely life can be! It may not be perfect…and it may be challenging…but hey, isn’t that what good stories and happy endings are made of? (not those happy endings–the story-telling kind!)


My sister Jennifer. My heart. My soul. My absolute zero. My silver-lining. The center from which I exist…and the reason I was inspired to write this blog.

“The world is yours! You can go anywhere.”

~my sister



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